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    Push-ups to Failure for Extra Strength and Endurance

    Posted by Sport & Health on Sep 11, 2016 2:15:54 PM

    #ChestDay is the best day! Challenge yourself with this twist on an oldie-but-goodie workout staple, the push-up.

    Sport&Health Trainer McKenna Smet met up with Good Morning Washington's Larry Smith to demonstrate how adding a few simple props to your push-up routine can help you build strength and endurance. 

    "Instead of doing a certain number of push-ups and stopping, we're going to push to failure - until you cannot do another push-up," said Smet. "In this case, failure is success." Pushing to failure keeps the muscles under constant tension. "High-volume training like this keeps blood flowing to the muscles, helping you build size and strength," she said.

    "As you get tired, we're going to shorten the distance for you," said Smet as she adds a flat foam roller underneath Smith's chest. "This makes it a little easier for you and allows you to keep going." An at-home option would be a pillow or book - whatever you have handy that shortens the distance for you. 

    She recommnds having a friend nearby to place an object under your chest so you don't have to keep stopping.

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