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How to increase Fitness Success in 2014

How to increase Fitness Success in 2014

MItch Batkin, Sport&Health Senior VP of Fitness, recently stopped by WUSA 9 to share his top tips for achieving fitness success in the new year. He was joined by Sport&Health member Elizabeth Thackery, who lost 110 pounds in 2013 with the help of regular Zumba classes at Sport&Health. 

Batkin suggests beginning with a small goal that you can build upon once you start seeing success. "The biggest challenge in keeping New Year's resolutions is really more of a psychological or motivational issue," he says. "We want to have it happen so quickly that we set these monumental goals that are just too intimidating to fulfill on."

"Make a promise to yourself that you can keep each day, and experience that small win each and every day," says Batkin. "Can you commit to five minutes of exercise a day? Inevitably, one of two things will happen. You'll complete your five minutes and feel pretty good about today. Or you'll complete five minutes and then decide that you can actually go for ten or fifteen. It sounds so simple, but setting yourself up for a win every day is so incredibly effective for long-term success."

Thackery credits her fitness success to finding something she truly enjoyed doing. "I kept trying until I found something I loved - and Zumba was it. I started out with just once class each week, and am now up to 3-4 classes each week." Elizabeth is now a Zumba instructor herself. 

Batkin offers one simple resolution that will dramatically improve your health. "If you do nothing else, cut your sugar intake in half and double your amount of vegetables. If you do that, you'll be on your way to some pretty significant changes." 

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