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We believe that the  Smart Start is the single most important thing you'll do as a member. It’s a complimentary visit with a certified personal trainer to review your health and medical history and identify your fitness goals. Together you’ll create a customized fitness and nutrition plan so you can reach your goals and see continued success.


This is the quickest way to make sure you get the most out of your Sport & Health club membership. Best of all, it’s included with your gym membership.



No Pinch, No Problem!

To help you get where you want to go, we have to see where you're starting from. But we'll skip the pinch - we have less intrusive ways to evaluate your health, including a good conversation and a few simple measurements. We’ll check your resting heart rate, resting blood pressure and body composition - all incredibly important measurements to help create the perfect gym workout plan for you!

Results, Not Routine!

Want to lose 10 pounds before you say “I do”? Add muscle and tone up? Train for your favorite sport, run a 5K or a marathon? We’ll review your short and long-term goals and develop a customized plan for success that can be obtained right here in any one of our Sport & Health club locations


Faster, Stronger, Smarter

You're an individual! Be treated like one. Our health club professionals will uncover the right routine for reaching your fitness goals. Injuries and old habits don't have to define you! Learn the right way to train YOUR body that's safe, effective and fun in the gym. We'll create a full-body gym workout specifically for you and then demonstrate everything — from warm up to cool down and all the movements in between. We’ll make sure you use proper form and understand exactly what each exercise is doing for you here in our health club facilities.

What Our Members Say

I was lucky enough to get Ben as my trainer. This man knows more than my physical therapist! He has worked with me skillfully, giving me exercises with just the right amount of challenge yet with no unhealthy effect on muscles and bones. I see him weekly and the results show. I am much stronger and more flexible. If you want specialized training with specific goals in mind, you couldn't find a better place.

Charlotte C.

The club is great for weightlifters, with lots of machines and free weights, and the cardio section is not too bad either.

Charles M.

The half hour training sessions are great because I feel like I get a really good workout, but it's over very quickly.


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