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    Personal Trainers in the Rockville and Bethesda, Maryland Area

    If you were to hire a certified personal trainer there are a wide variety of benefits that it would entail. Some of the benefits include personalized instruction as well as motivation and accountability. Not only will you work directly with a personal trainer at your gym in the Maryland area to keep track of your goals and progress, but you will undergo several performance evaluations. These evaluations are great benchmarking opportunities, and are designed to demonstrate your success in specific areas of your training and achievement of your fitness goals. Working out with a trainer provides an opportunity of customized training that follows a plan agreed to by both you and your personal trainer. Your fitness plans and overall fitness goals incorporate aspects that are specific to you such as your body type, height, weight, age and many more. The primary goal of the Sport&Health personal trainers is to help you achieve your fitness goals and stick to your fitness plan.

    Achieving your fitness goals often requires motivation from the personal trainer, so it is often encouraged to consider your personal trainer as your coach. If you desire to reach your peak performance and optimum fitness health, then a personal trainer is a great way to help you get there and to achieve your goals. Personal trainers will determine which exercises best meet your goals, as well as the intensity of the workout, the duration, the repetitions and even the rest periods. Other important aspects to consider that a personal trainer will help with include stretching, frequency of workouts and even the volume. Focus more intensely on your goals and work towards achieving them with the help of a certified personal trainer from Sport&Health.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can A Personal Trainer Create A Unique Training plan for Me To Meet My Goals?

    Yes, a personal is able to customize or personalize each workout in order to better focus on your desired fitness needs, outcomes and goals. It is very helpful to workout when a schedule has been created for you. Sometimes it is the best and only way to meet your fitness needs. Achieving your fitness goals can be extremely difficult without the help of a personal trainer, even if you are highly motivated and committed to achieving your goals that is not always a recipe for success in itself. Also, a personal trainer can help you avoid. Situations where you may reach a fitness plateau that can be infuriating, affecting your whole training regime. These pitfalls are avoided by having your personal trainer adapt and adjust your workout routine to manipulate your muscles into not getting used to the workouts.

    If I work With A Personal Trainer, How Long Will It Take Me to Meet My Fitness Goals?

    A personal trainer can help with determining the duration and intensity of the workouts based on your individual input like your body weight, age, height, physical ability and more. These factors are unique to you and therefore an out-of-the-box approach will not work to accomplish these goals. Your progress must also be tracked and explained to you in terms that help you improve and work towards reaching your fitness goals. It does not matter how much time you set aside or schedule for working out if you do not implement the right training to reach your goals. A lot of times 30 minute sessions can be very effective to reach your goals if done with regularity. In fact, your routine or schedule can change on a weekly basis to fit into your schedule. If other commitments in your life are getting in the way, your personal trainer will simply adjust your schedule to keep up with your goal. For instance, one week you may have three, 30-minute workouts and the next week may be one half hour workout and one full hour workout. Therefore, flexibility should be built into any personal trainer fitness plan.

    How Do I Select A Personal Trainer That Will Fit My Needs?

    Many skills are important to consider when picking a certified personal trainer. One of the most important is the personal trainer’s communication skill level, and the second is often the personality of the personal trainer and how you connect with him or her. Sport&Health simplifies your search for a personal trainer because we only hire the best. Sport&Health places trainers through a rigorous interview and screening process. Our personal trainers are also committed to our core values and that includes being committed to your success as a client for reaching your fitness goals. Talk to a few of our personal trainers about your goals and needs and then select one that you think is the best in understanding and getting you to your goals.

    How Much Will Personal Trainer Cost Me?

    Sport&Health encourages offers new members one free personal training session complimentary when they join one of our Rockville, Bethesda, Ma gyms Initially, this free training session will offer you an opportunity to meet with at least one of the personal trainers who will evaluate your current health and fitness level. Discovering your current fitness abilities and health is an important first step in defining the plan for the development of your goals. A personal trainer will work with you to ask the right questions and get the needed information to complete the initial health and fitness assessment. It is vital to understand your needs and discover your current health status to accurately define your fitness plan.

    Like most gyms by opting to use one of our a personal trainers or training package it will have an additional cost or be charged as an add-on service. Our personal trainers are flexible with their schedule in order to find the best way to match your schedule. Everyone is unique and their training plan is unique to

    What are The Different Personal Trainer certifications and What Does Each Level Do? 

    Personal Trainers study and pass exams to achieve their certifications. There are 3 Levels of personal trainer certifications CERTIFIED, ELITE and MASTER.

    CERTIFIED Trainer is the first level if certification and is the general and minimum level certificate a personal trainers must achieve to be registered. Certified trainers are very well trained to achieve the goals of most fitness requirements.

    There are 2 more advanced levels of certification a personal trainer can achieve by passing exams in the ELITE and MASTER courses. These levels expand their knowledge and are more emphasized on trainer techniques in achieving specific fitness results.

    ELITE Elite level of certification focuses on strategies, methods and skills associated with training. Trainers with Elite level are more advances than the standard certification level. 

    MASTER Trainers specialize rehabilitation, special populations and diverse fitness strategies and methods area. Master trainers consult and execute plans on high level intensity training and performance-specific training. Master trainers are typically more experienced in advanced methods than Elite trainers and are additional grade above them It is a prestigious achievement for a trainer to obtain within their community.

    Why Is Using a Local Personal Trainer Better For Training?

    It is well known that members who are closer to their training facilities and don't have to go to far to train find it way more convenient and therefore are more motivated and committed to their training schedule. We offer local personal trainers that are close by in the Rockville Bethesda Maryland area who will keep you more accountable to your fitness goals. 


    Personal Trainers are Available in These Locations:


    Personal Trainer - Customer Experience

    About a year ago, I started with a client who was so motivated to achieve his goals but he was also very concerned that she was not able to reach his goals because of his age. He wanted to lose weight and get healthier again. As we started working together I found that his age became a secondary concern for me because of his attitude and motivation. I just had to keep finding new ways challenge him so that he didn't get bored with his routine and maintain his motivation levels. By doing this, I focused on his strengths and made sure they were maintained. This led to him shedding weight much quicker than expected and meeting his goals faster too. He enjoyed running earlier in life and picked it up again. Today he is now running 10k marathons and still working with me to maintain his fitness and create new fitness goals . We were joking about him doing a tri-athlon's a few weeks ago but now he is serious about training for one just to see if he can do it. He is going to start swim training soon as well.

    It amazes me how fast we can alter our lives with the right motivation and this man is an example to me that if we make the right decision and stay motivated we can achieve more than we thought we could.

    Craig Boyd, Sport&Health - Certified Personal Trainer

    Customer Testimonial

    Harrison just gets me. I go to gym because of him. Half the week I want to go and half the week I feel lazy. But knowing that Harrison will joke around with me and make it fun makes me go on those lazy days. The way Harrison makes me work hard in the gym is what keeps me going back. He makes sure I do my crunches and asks what I'm having for dinner. When I tell him pizza he just laughs and scribbles something down. The next session I land up working harder and eating salad.

    Mark T. - Sport&Health Customer