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Posted By Marissa Gradei on Sep 9, 2022 10:45:20 AM

Believe you can do it and start with a plan. Believing also starts with your mind. Get your mind right to get your body right and you'll get everything else right too! 
It all really begins with mindset. Mind & Body is a real thing and everything.  Try adding Yoga and meditation to your routine in order to find balance and address stress. Improving your mindset and elevating your thinking will make a HUGE difference. Even 5 minutes of deep breathing exercises daily will help!
Yep, it's a fact. Make the majority of your diet, whole, natural and unprocessed foods including lean protein sources, frutis, vegetables and whole grains.
Eating clear can be delicious. Once you begin building the new eating clean habit you'll begin to realize how amazing the experience can be!
Also, be sure to "carry" healthy snacks with you throughout the day. These treats will keep you fueled up and keep your metabolism and mind on track! 
It's always the right time to change things up and try something new! If you're primarily into cardio, try adding weight training to your routine. If you're mostly into strength and weight training, add in some cardio sessions and stretching to balance things out/ change things up. 
Weight training is power: You can start small, but start...benefits of weight training include: building lean muscle, burning fat, improving overall fitness. Remember that weight training also continues burning calories for nearly 24 hours after your training session! (WOW) 
Our bodies appreciate the spectrum and it takes only 21 days to build a new habit! Let's do it together!
Our awesome Personal Training Team is always here to help you get started...Or get restarted! Ask one of them today and change your life! 

What Our Clients Say

During all of my interactions, the staff has been friendly and helpful!

Chris E.

What a great gym! Chang Yi and his staff are exceptional. I have been a member of this gym for over 10 years, you can definitely see a lot of new equipment, new staff, and new positive energy.

Funk J.

I am beyond satisfied with the service I have received, the excellent new equipment, and the results I have achieved in such a small amount of time. During the past month I lost weight and dropped one dress size.

J L.

There is a wide variety of machines and fitness tools to use throughout the facility and every time I have been in to workout it has been completely spotless. Looking forward to continuing to meet my fitness goals with this great company.

Nicholas G.

This is a great gym with more than everything one needs in a gym! The equipment is good and the cardio area is bright and energetic. There is ample room for free weights and stretching. I have found the classes to all be excellent with very good instructors. And, an added bonus is free, available parking.

Diane C.

This is a great place to work out and get fit! I've workout out here a couple of times and you are greeted with a smile the moment you arrive at the club! All the staff members are very helpful!

Orvel D.

The staff is friendly and helpful. The GM was great and helped me with my membership. overall, it's a great place to work out.

Tim M.

Sport&Health is where I began my fitness journey over a year ago. Ever since joining I have felt 100% at home every time I walked through the front door. The staff, trainers, and management have been nothing but uplifting and accommodating and the renovations have only made the gym better.

Carly M.

I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is searching for a family,friendly atmosphere. You won't regret!

Sau F.

The staff is so friendly and accommodating, and the gym is awesome. So clean with a wide range of equipment. Totally recommend!

Kara S.

Excellent gym. Awesome classes as well as weight rooms and plenty of aerobic machines. Staff is exceptional.

Holly M.

In love with the gym. Adorable environment, lovely and friendly staff that I have a big respect! Everything is organized and always cleaned!! Also great and professional trainers who are always ready to help you. Awesome place for family and friends. I enjoy every moment when I am there.

Lilo M.

Sport n health is my happy place! It's like my second home. The staff is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. The upgrades to the equipment have been awesome and made my workouts fun and challenging. The vibe at sport n health is awesome. As a woman I feel comfortable and accepted and always am excited to walk into the club!

Christin P.

Super-dedicated instructors, trainers, and staff!

Ashley N.

Administration and staff are so helpful and willing to talk to you and give you the time of day. Knowledgable and friendly!

Lanier M.

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