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Posted By Sport&Health on Aug 9, 2018 11:58:35 AM

Want to live a healthier lifestyle? Read about these five healthy habits.


We all have habits. For the most of us, we can’t get through a day without relying on habits to organize our tasks and propel us forward. Even that old question about getting out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning tells us we have habits we probably don’t even think about!

So what are some of the healthiest habits people can have that would make their lives better? Would adopting some or all of these behaviors make you “healthier?” Let’s look at five and see what would happen.

HEALTHY HABIT #1: Exercise for 30 minutes a day. This number can be lower or higher depending on your fitness level, but it can be pretty achievable at any age. For example, taking a daily walk is an easy option. Perhaps you walk your dog for 15 minutes twice a day. That’s great! This is also a total of 210 minutes a week, which could be broken into 3 more vigorous workouts of 70 minutes each. Doable? Yes! Whatever pattern you choose, having exercise as a deeply rooted habit in your life fits the bill.

HEALTHY HABIT #2: Eat at least 3-5 meals a day, each of which include lean protein, vegetables and fruits (carbohydrates), and healthy fats. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain or gain, it’s important to combine these macronutrients proportionately every time you eat. Generally avoid the starchier carbohydrates and exercise good portion control. Easy, peasy! Restricting calories too much or avoiding one macro completely usually leads to trouble. Eat smart and let common sense prevail.

HEALTHY HABIT #3: Drink at least 8 cups (8 ounces each) of water a day. Always have water with you. Keep a bottle at your desk. Take it to every workout. Bring fresh water in your car (not that old plastic bottle that has been there a year!) Your body needs to constantly replenish its water supply that’s used to digest food, keep your body cool, maintain your detoxification system, and support about all functions. Feel tired? You could be dehydrated. Feel hungry? You could actually be thirsty!

HEALTHY HABIT #4: Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Really! A person could sleep between 7 1/2 to 9 hours depending on their biology. If you’re not sleeping that much because you’re staying up late to work, watching TV, or looking at your phone, you may be interfering with your ability to sleep well and wake up refreshed. Reconsider those habits! Make sleep a priority, which will improve your productivity the next day and make you feel happier and more energetic.

HEALTHY HABIT #5: Record your habits daily in a journal. Studies have shown that people who write down what they eat and drink, their exercise and their sleep, are better able to maintain a healthy weight. Even if your weight is not a major concern, seeing this information written down gives you a more global view of what you’re doing and can help you decide what works best for you. Try it for a few days in writing, or use one of the many helpful apps like My Fitness Pal or LoseIt!

When you do adopt a new habit, remember to allow yourself some flexibility. It may take several steps to change one habit and it takes about 8 weeks of doing it consistently to become automatic. So hang in there long enough to experience the rewards and be kind to yourself!

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What a great gym! Chang Yi and his staff are exceptional. I have been a member of this gym for over 10 years, you can definitely see a lot of new equipment, new staff, and new positive energy.

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I am beyond satisfied with the service I have received, the excellent new equipment, and the results I have achieved in such a small amount of time. During the past month I lost weight and dropped one dress size.

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The staff is friendly and helpful. The GM was great and helped me with my membership. overall, it's a great place to work out.

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Sport&Health is where I began my fitness journey over a year ago. Ever since joining I have felt 100% at home every time I walked through the front door. The staff, trainers, and management have been nothing but uplifting and accommodating and the renovations have only made the gym better.

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I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is searching for a family,friendly atmosphere. You won't regret!

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The staff is so friendly and accommodating, and the gym is awesome. So clean with a wide range of equipment. Totally recommend!

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Excellent gym. Awesome classes as well as weight rooms and plenty of aerobic machines. Staff is exceptional.

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In love with the gym. Adorable environment, lovely and friendly staff that I have a big respect! Everything is organized and always cleaned!! Also great and professional trainers who are always ready to help you. Awesome place for family and friends. I enjoy every moment when I am there.

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Sport n health is my happy place! It's like my second home. The staff is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. The upgrades to the equipment have been awesome and made my workouts fun and challenging. The vibe at sport n health is awesome. As a woman I feel comfortable and accepted and always am excited to walk into the club!

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