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We are continuously cleaning and preparing our facilities with the most comprehensive disinfectant systems and sanitation protocols for the club Teams. 

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A Trained Team

Team members are fully trained and mobilized into a cleaning force to disinfect the high-touch and high traffic areas with medical grade disinfectants.  


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Daily Deep Cleaning

We are utilizing industrial deep cleaning systems including Victory Hydrostatic Sprayers for daily deep-cleaning of all surfaces throughout the club on a continuous basis.

For more general, ongoing cleaning, we are using a hospital-grade and EPA registered disinfectant solution that kills viruses.

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More Sanitation Stations and Hand Sanitizer Pumps

We have dramatically increased the number of sanitation stations throughout the clubs, which include hospital-grade disinfectants for members to wipe down the equipment before and after use.

We have also installed and placed additional hand sanitizer pumps throughout the clubs for more access and convenience.


AirPHX Air and Surface Disinfectant

We have purchased and have installed AirPHX in every club that we operate.

We believe AirPHX to be the world’s most effective air and surface disinfectant, and sanitizing devices on the market.

AirPHX uses its proprietary technology to kill microbes, germs and viruses, including coronavirus; in the air and on surfaces, including equipment surfaces, 24/7.

Watch the video here!

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Streaming classes

Join the hundreds of thousands of viewers of our Onelife Anywhere On Demand where you'll find 1,500 of your favorite classes and workouts available 24 hours a day.  This service is included with your membership and is part of our sister company Onelife Fitness. 

Once again, from the bottom of the hearts, thank you for being part of our family!  

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