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Learn About Partnerships & Advertising Opportunities

Reach the most active, affluent and influential people in the DC-Metro area.

We build meaningful relationships with great customers – one gym member at a time, with over 7 million visits per year. And you can, too! By advertising and marketing with our Sport & Better Living Network, you can take advantage of the strong relationships we already have – gaining trust, credibility, and mindshare from the start. Our client tailored programs use a mix of related media platforms to drive results.

advertising opportunities at the gym

Share Your Message With Our Gym Members

We offer many ways to get your message in front of our 100,000+ gym members. 

TV Advertising
Build or expand your brand by being seen and heard. The Sport & Better Living Network is our in-house television network, a dedicated medium that delivers your message with power and impact. The only form of music entertainment in our health clubs and the ambient sound throughout the club, Sport & Better Living Network programming helps gym viewers enjoy and get the most out of their gym workouts.

Digital Signage
The first impression is the lasting impression. Located at the front entrance of each health club, our dedicated digital signage gives you the first and last opportunity to advertise your brand to our health club members. With custom content including the latest top musical artists, fitness education, club news, and new movie previews, your ads enjoy better recall than network television.

Online Advertising:

With more than 105,000 monthly unique visitors to our SportandHealth.com and SerenityGift.com sites, you can target your market through many of our category landing pages. Every day our gym members seek these pages on our website looking for interactive class schedules, booking gym court time, planning meals, registering for tournaments and programs or just checking out the latest health club news.

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