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Indoor & Outdoor Tennis!

Want to improve your tennis game? Sign up for tennis lessons and receive a new client evaluation from award-winning tennis instructors.  Search below to find a tennis court near you!

tennis lessons

Want to improve your Tennis game?

We offer private lessons to beginners, classes for those who want to learn more, leagues for all ages, and more! Tennis is a staple of any Sport&Health club. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, you could be a rookie or an all-star, you are welcome on our tennis courts anytime!

Discover the fun and athleticism of one of America's fastest growing sports. Our clubs offer tennis lessons, programs, clinics, ladder and match play for all ages.

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What Our Members Say

Great variety of equipment, including multiple squat racks. Again, props for having a functional fitness room that has things like weight sleds, battle ropes, and even a tire flipping machine (which I had actually never seen before).

Chris E.

This place is way bigger, and more beautiful than expected. They have pretty much all gym equipment you could possibly need.

Jared L.

Great club and staff! The club has everything from a Swimming pool, 2 Basketball courts, BIG locker rooms, and tons of equipment!!!

Brian S.

Incredible location, great convenience, very clean club, friendly staff, and super well-equipped. Wide range of free weights and machines, plenty of treadmills and the best stair master machines with steps that are big enough for my tennis-shoe shod feet! Lots of TV screens on the walls and on the treadmills, elliptical and stair machines, for those who want to be plugged-in to the world.

Joseph T.

The gym has very very clean locker room!

Emmett K.

Great work out facility. Nice and spacious locker rooms with a womens wet zone only.

Claudia D.

I absolutely LOVE this health club. My favorite aspect is the indoor track!

Sierra F.

For more information about our Tennis lessons and programs, contact one of our health club locations above in VA, MD, and Washington D.C. To find your local Sport&Health gym near you, search for: gym near me or tennis courts near me your mobile device. One of our staff members would be happy to guide you through the process of signing up for a Tennis program near you today!

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