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Which EP Is Right For Me

explosive performance thumbWhich EP program is right for ME?

EP SAQ (Ages 9-11) Basic Speed, Agility & Quickness Program to train young individuals to improve as athletes by focusing on coordination, form and technique.

EP Specialized (Ages 12-15) This Speed, Agility, & Quickness Program adds specialized functional strength training to help prepare the athlete for more advanced competition, while developing the athlete's confidence.

EP Summer Camps (9am-12pm Monday - Friday) These camps are great for pre-season team training and for individual athletes that want to focus on all aspects of their performance.

Explosive Performance Elite Programs

Elite (Ages 16-18) This advanced SAQ Program is tailored to the high school athlete. It combines speed, agility, and quickness with sport-specific strength and power training.

College Elite (Ages 19-22) This program trains college athletes pre-season and off-season at a higher level of intensity to prepare them for their upcoming season.

Football Combine Training (Ages 14-22) This program trains high school and college athletes to become more powerful, efficient and confident for the football combines/tests.

Explosive Performance EP Adult Programs

Performance Training (Ages 18 +) Adult training program designed to improve core strength, functional range of motion, and power with our expert trainers. Performance Training programs will give you the edge you need to reach your fitness goals, while preventing injuries and sports/training related aches and pains.

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Private Personal Training

Want something more personal to really focus on your individual results? Reach out for a personal trainer. We hire the best. Then we make them better, so they can get you the results you're looking for, faster than you thought possible.

Short&tall. Young&old. Players&spectators. Leaders&followers. Carnivores&vegans. White collar&blue collar. Nobody makes every body feel as welcome as Sport&Health.

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