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TNT Member Success

We know you'll see results... which is why we guarantee them! It's no secret why 88% of our participants re-enroll each session. Our small group training program is designed to be flexible and convenient, and provides all of the tools necessary to lose weight and get in shape: 3 dynamic workouts each week, cardio homework for non-training days, nutritional guidance and motivation from your fellow TNT'ers. Ready to start your fitness success story? Try 4 Free TNT Sessions today.


Bernida Lost 35 Pounds + Found Swimsuit Confidence

"After seeing vacation photos of myself in a swimsuit, I knew I needed to make a change. I am so glad I discovered TNT group training! I enjoy the fun of working out with other members, as well as the one-on-one attention from my TNT Coach. I've lost 35 pounds - and now happily put on a swimsuit!"


George Cross-Trained For Marathon Success

"I joined TNT after hitting a wall with my marathon training. TNT provided me with consistent strength training and a badly needed change in cardio. The program continually changed to mix things up. My coaches, Brad and Maz, pushed me to keep going and to 'get that 1 more rep.' The results - well I hope they are noticeable. This photo was taken at the finish of my second Marine Corp Marathon at age 56. Hoo-RAH to TNT!"


Anita Lost 22 Pounds & Discovered Her Strength

"Prior to joining TNT, I always felt like I was 'winging in' with my workouts. I thought I was working hard at the club, but I had no idea how much more I could accomplish. The TNT group always looked like they were having so much fun, so I decided to try it out. I really joined TNT just to learn the basics of training - how to safely lift, what to do. It took just one or two classes for the lightbulb to really go off for me - that I am a lot stronger than I thought! My coach, Ryan, is amazing - it has been such a great experience!"


Michelle Learned The Power Of Good Nutrition

"I never really knew how important diet was to a strong wellness program until I decided to train for my first figure competition. I jumped into my new eating plan and in the first week could feel my body changing. Planning ahead for meals became a way of life and was the key to staying on track. I never wanted to be at a meal time without the right foods, because I knew it would be too easy to grab something easy like cookies. Over the course of 4 months, my body transformed and I'm in the best shape of my life!"


James Battled Depression & Lost 50 Pounds

"My motivation to join TNT came after gaining 60 pounds after my first wife passed away. In my depression, I let food become my friend. I lost 50 pounds with TNT, and found great coaches in Maz and Nancy. I am 66 years old and wish I had started this program when I was half my age. I greatly admire the class participants who are half my age, as I think they have discovered the "secret" to a longer, healthier life! By the same token, I admire those my own age and our ability to keep going!"


Susan Kicked 85 Pounds & Diabetes To The Curb

"When I first joined TNT, I was borderline diabetic and knew I needed to make some big changes. I felt exhausted most of the time, and had back and knee issues from carrying around so much extra weight. From the first session, I knew it was what I needed to finally get in shape and keep the weight off. Having lost and regained the same 20 pounds year after year, I needed to ensure this was the last time I had to lose weight. I've lost 85 pounds with TNT, and feel like I am 20 years younger than when I started!"


Nima Lost 25 Pounds In Just 13 Weeks!

"My busy schedule was always my excuse to skip my workouts. With TNT, I learned that I do not need to spend endless hours working out to get in great shape. The workouts are quick - and effective! In just one 13-week session, I lost 25 pounds and decreased my body fat by 7%!"


Kathy Lost 20 Pounds (Despite Being A Foodie!)

"So, I love to eat - a habit not very conducive to losing weight! With TNT, I have lost 20 pounds and over 9% body fat. Now that I have achieved my initial goal, I continue training with my TNT coaches and peers to maintain my fitness level. Now, I can eat whatever I want and I don’t gain a pound!"