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    Exercise is Only Half the Battle

    Proper nutrition fuels the body for maximum performance. Whether you want to bulk up, slim down, or even manage your cholesterol, Sport&Health's Online Meal Planning Program helps you pinpoint areas of needed improvement for optimum results.

    How Does It Work?

    Our Online Meal Planning Program empowers you to create a balanced, nutritional diet based on foods you like to eat. Get the knowledge to make nutrition work for you! Fill out the form below to get your activation code, then go to Step Two and register.  It's that easy!

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    Step One - Get Your Activation Code

    Fill out the form above to get your FREE 30-Day Activation Code for the Vitabot Online Meal Planning Interface. A Fitness Director will provide you the code and brief instructions to get you started.


    Step Two - Set Up Your Account

    After you receive an activation code from your Fitness Director.  Go to our Online Meal Planning website to register. Next, answer a few questions about your current health and fitness goals to personalize your account.


    Step Three - Choose A Meal Plan

    Nutrition is much more than just counting calories. Create a meal plan by choosing of the following options:

    1. Create A Meal Plan

    This patent-pending system finds nutritional deficiencies in your daily mealplan, and then uses your favorite foods to help you correct them.

    2. Browse Meal Plans Created by Other Users

    Not sure what to eat?  Now, you can browse through the highest scoring mealplans of other users to see how they're succeeding! 


    Step Four - Get Straight A's

    The GOAL is getting straight A's on your report card! Switch out different foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner to create the perfect balance. The vitamins and minerals are weighted with a letter grades to help you achieve all A's on you report card. Click on the vitamin/mineral your trying to increase and it lists the top foods for that specific vitamin/mineral. Mix and match your foods to help YOU get straight A's!

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