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Empowered Wellness

Empowered Wellness - Nutritional Guidance Classes

Struggling to apply nutritional knowledge to your daily routine? Easily Incorporate Nutrition into your Routine!

Whether you know a lot or a little about nutrition, it can be difficult to find the time, energy, and skills it takes to plan and prepare the majority of meals at home.

In this one-of-a-kind program, you’ll benefit from simplified nutritional guidance and practical kitchen skills that you can easily integrate into your daily routine! 

Empowered Wellness' unique approach doesn’t rely on dieting, deprivation, or even new recipes. Instead, our program will empower you through a series of group classes to make small adjustments to your traditional practices that will lead to big and sustainable improvements!


  • Nutrition 102: Tune out the noise - all you need to know about nutrition & dietary theory!
  • Integrating More Whole Foods: Easy ways to get more bad out and more good in! 
  • GreatER Beginnings: HealthiER breakfasts on limited time! 
  • Bird? Plane? No It's Superfood!: Secrets to replicating your favorite flavors in nourishing lunch salads! 
  • Think Like A Chef: Forget recipes - increase the health and diversity of your traditional meals! 
  • Mindless Eating: Willpower is not a strategy - re-engineer your environment! 
  • Meal Planning Made Easy: Efficiencies in meal planning & new supermarket strategies!

Jump in anytime! These Empowered Wellness classes are rolling admission but seating is limited, so register today!

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Meet Maria

After dealing with hip and shoulder issues. Maria turned to Pilates for a workout that was softer on her body. "I feel stronger, more flexible and more balanced. Pilates is like shrink-wrap for your body!"

Short&tall. Young&old. Players&spectators. Leaders&followers. Carnivores&vegans. White collar&blue collar. Nobody makes every body feel as welcome as Sport&Health.

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