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Nutrition & Online Meal Planning

The truth is real food tastes good. And when it has the right nutritional balance it provides a whole host of health benefits incliding: increased energy and focus, better sleep and reduced appetite.  Try our online meal planning system, our in club food delivery service and nutritional meetings to help support and guide you to a better nutrition!

Online Meal Planning


Sport&Health members enjoy 25% OFF the first week of meals!

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Empowered Wellness


Short&tall. Young&old. Players&spectators. Leaders&followers. Carnivores&vegans. White collar&blue collar. Nobody makes every body feel as welcome as Sport&Health.

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With 23 locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., we have a club near you. And we have more group fitness classes, sports, personal training, day spas, yoga, cycling, weights and Zumba than any health and fitness family in the area. Make today the day.


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