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Personal Training

Benefits of Training

Real results require variety in pace, style and effort -- and that's our specialty! See what personal training can do for you.
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Types of Training

Choose from a variety of training options like one-on-one training or group, Pilates training & Yoga, sports performance training, suspension training and much more!
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Member Success Stories

See how our members are changing their bodies - and their lives - with the help of our personal training team!
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Schedule a Consultation

Curious about how personal training can help you? Schedule a complimentary consultation and workout with one of our personal trainers!
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Find a Trainer

Our team of nationally-certified personal trainers boast a variety of specialties. Find the right trainer for your fitness level and goals.
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Get Started

Change your life today! Contact theĀ Fitness Director at your club to learn more.You'll be glad you did.
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Short&tall. Young&old. Players&spectators. Leaders&followers. Carnivores&vegans. White collar&blue collar. Nobody makes every body feel as welcome as Sport&Health.

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With 23 locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., we have a club near you. And we have more group fitness classes, sports, personal training, day spas, yoga, cycling, weights and Zumba than any health and fitness family in the area. Make today the day.


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