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Wellness Massage

Our therapists work wonders. Leave the stress behind with a good therapeutic massage from a licensed Sport&Health massage therapist. We offer a variety of bodywork techniques tailored to your needs — Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and reflexology — so you leave refreshed and rejuvenated!


Serenity Day Spas

Serenity now. And tomorrow. As if you need a reason for a massage, mani, pedi or facial. We have three. Old Town, Tenley and Worldgate Serenity Day Spas. Three convenient locations within our Sport&Health community. All Sport&Health members receive 15% off Mondays through Wednesdays.


Seated Massage

We’ve got your back! Seated massages are perfect for everyone at the office. Your employees sit fully-clothed in a specially designed chair while a massage therapist goes to work soothing sore muscles and stretching tight joints. Your employees will feel renewed - and you’re bound to be voted best boss ever!