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Congrats. You joined the club. Now the fun begins. Happy is healthy and healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a couple quick tips for kickstarting your Sport&Health membership.


Bring a Towel

Your goal is to get sweaty! Be prepared with a sweat towel for your workout and a bath towel so you can shower after. All our clubs offer full locker-room amenities so you look and feel your best when your workout is done.


Tune In to Tune Out

Like music or TV during your workouts? Bring headphones. Most of our cardio equipment includes personal video screens. Or synch sound from any of dozens of big-screen TVs throughout the club. Got your own soundtrack? Hook your smartphone, iPod or mp3 player right to the equipment for fully-integration sound and control.


Take a Class & Make Friends

We’ve got all kinds of classes. There are classes for lifting, stretching, dancing and more. No spandex required. It’s just real people having lots of real fun. You’ll laugh a little. You’ll sweat a lot. It’s a great way to meet new people and tap into a contagious energy you’ll come back for.


Invite a Friend

Studies show having a workout partner makes you 3x as likely to maintain your routine. Send a friend a FREE 7-day pass online. Learn how to add family to your membership. Or ask about our monthly member socials. It’s great to have that friendly motivation on days the couch is calling your name.


Attend Your SmartStart

YourSmartStart appointment is the single most important thing we can do for your health. We’ll assess where you are, discuss your goals and analyze how your body sits and moves. And most importantly, we’ll set you up with a plan custom to your needs. We’re the best at finding fun, safe, effective ways to challenge and engage your body.


Smile & Say Hi

Relationships change lives. Connect with people at your club for a lasting, rewarding experience. Introduce yourself to others. Ask questions. We’re all here to help you embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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TRUE OR FALSE?You Should Get Hot To Stop Sweating.

TRUE. Hop in the sauna after your workout. It’s not just a great way to relax tired muscles. It equalizes your outer and core body temperatures, eliminating post-shower sweating. Try it and say goodbye to the office wet-dress-shirt contest!


After age 30, the average person gains 1-2 lbs. every year..

Fight back. Join Sport&Health Today. We've got the variety to make fitness feel fabulous. Get Healthy. Feel Happy.


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