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Sport&Health Member Success

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our members reach their goals - from weight loss to climbing mountains to beating cancer. See what our members are saying about their personal experiences at Sport&Health!


Member Success: Alton

When the 69-year-old aviation writer was assigned a piece that required flying in a P-51, he knew he had to get in shape. The tiny World War II plane was designed to carry just a pilot. To be a passenger, he would have to lose the extra weight he'd been carrying.


Member Success: Lexi & Anita

Mother and daughter team, Lexi and Anita, joined Sport&Healths #Committed challenge in March of 2013 as a way to stick to their workouts. Little did they know how much their workouts would change their physiques - and lives!


Member Success: Devon

Devon lost 55 pounds and is still going! "I hit many plateaus and had to learn to listen to my body to adjust workouts and diet as necessary. Something I used to dread so much is now something I thoroughly enjoy."