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Healthy employees are happy and more productive employees!

Our partners experience decreased employee absenteeism, increased productivity, and enjoy a powerful recruitment and retention tool. 


Let us partner with your company to identify your health and wellness concerns, create a specialized wellness program to meet your needs, and maximize employee participation. As a result, you'll see healthier, happier, more productive employees - and a healthier bottom line.

As an Employee Wellness Partner, you'll enjoy these benefits

  • Reduced Healthcare Claims & Insurance Premiums
    "An analysis of GE Aircraft indicated that medical claims submitted by the company's fitness center members decreased by 27%, while claims made by non-members actually rose 17%." - Worksite Health Promotions Economics

  • Increased Productivity and Job Satisfaction
    "In a study by Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, 63% of employees enrolled in their fitness program believed that it improved their productivity; 75% said that it boosted their morale." - Good Health, Good Business, Johnson & Johnson

  • More Easily Recruit and Retain Employees
    "In the first year, the annual employee-turnover rate for Canada Life Insurance Company of Toronto's fitness program participants was 1.8%, compared to the company-wide average of 18%." - American Journal of Health Promotion

  • Reduced Employee Stress
    The work week is expanding, competition is fierce and employees are stressed. In a recent nationwide poll, 78% of Americans describe their jobs as stressful. Regular exercise is a powerful tool in reducing stress. 
  • Positive Return on Investment
    The reported cost-benefit ratios for fitness and wellness programs across a variety of industries range from $1.24 to as high as $8.33 for every dollar spent on employee wellness initiatives.

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