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Strength, Power & Injury Prevention for Baseball, Part 3 - Sport Specific Exercises

Posted by Kevin Boyle, Explosive Performance Director on Apr 29, 2017 3:13:00 PM

Follow our five part series for Baseball players written by Explosive Performance Director, Kevin Boyle.


Baseball Season Is Finally Here!  Fans And Aspiring Athletes Want To Know How MLB Players Prepare Themselves To Hit And Throw For Power, And How They Can Stay Healthy This Season.


Part 3: Sport Specific Exercises



Specific strength and power exercises are often the most fun to perform.

These are exercises that closely mimic the sport of the athlete, and they can really see the hard work they do in the weight room will present itself on the field.  Rotational power exercises are examples of these "specific" exercises for baseball. 


There is a risk associated with this type of training, as it can cause back pain or injury if done incorrectly.  For instance a rotational medball toss for power and speed where the feet remain planted causes rapid rotation of the lumbar spine, something that it is not built to do.  However, if we train athletes to rotate their hips and turn their back foot we will increase power and let the core do what it is supposed to do, brace and slingshot the upper body along for the ride. 


keiser.jpgWe use the Keiser Functional trainer for rotational power training because it is safer, athletes can move faster, and we get instant feedback about power produced.  Sample exercises are cable rip through's, and split stance punch/pull.  These exercises are added in to supplement the core lifts as we get closer to the season.


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Kevin Boyle, Explosive Performance Director

Written by Kevin Boyle, Explosive Performance Director

Kevin Boyle is Director of Explosive Performance, which specializes in improving the ability to react quicker with bursts of explosive speed and power, which is an asset for any sport.