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Strength, Power & Injury Prevention for Baseball, Part 4 - Speed Development

Posted by Kevin Boyle, Explosive Performance Director on May 24, 2017 6:45:00 PM
Follow our five part series for Baseball players written by Explosive Performance Director, Kevin Boyle.


Baseball Season Is Finally Here!  Fans And Aspiring Athletes Want To Know How MLB Players Prepare Themselves To Hit And Throw For Power, And How They Can Stay Healthy This Season.  

Part 4: Speed Developmentbase slide.jpg


Baseball players need to train for speed and first step.  This can be the difference between making a catch, stealing a base, and scoring a run.  The error most players make in the off-season is spending time in the batting cage and under a barbell, but never running at full speed.  They actually get slower in the off-season. 


Speed training should be addressed every 3 days to and at maximum effort in order to get faster.  An example of proper speed training would be max effort timed 20-40yd sprints for 6-10 reps with at least 1 minute between reps.  Once they get used to this training and improve their time and mechanics they can work in different starting stances, like a steal break or a drop step to track a fly ball.



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Kevin Boyle, Explosive Performance Director

Written by Kevin Boyle, Explosive Performance Director

Kevin Boyle is Director of Explosive Performance, which specializes in improving the ability to react quicker with bursts of explosive speed and power, which is an asset for any sport.