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Staying Fit While Working Full-Time

Spending too much time at your desk?
Your health may be at risk!

With all of your day-to-day commitments, it can be hard to get a workout in. So why not bring the gym to your office desk? Mitch Batkin, Senior Vice President of Fitness at Sport&Health Clubs, recently stopped by ABC7's Let's Talk Live to demonstrate simple ways to stay healthy and fit when working a full-time job!

"Most of us are spending way too much time sitting at our desks," he says. "Gravity is relentless - and it works! It's pushing down on us all the time. If you lose focus of it, you can easily find yourself slouching. If you're sitting too much, you're probably suffering from back pain, headaches, you may start to feel tired - and you'll likely become much less productive at work," he cautions. 

MItch offered these tips for fitting fitness into your work day:

  • Every 90 minutes, get up and move for 5 minutes. If you have stairs in your building, all the better. "By doing that, you could probably burn 30-40 calroies a day. If you do the math, that could be 3-4 pounds of fat loss each year. In 5 years, that's 15-20 pounds!"
  • If you're able to stand in a meeting or while you're on the phone, you'll burn 50% more calories than when you're sitting.
  • Check out the video at right for some moves you can do at your desk!

"Every moment that you invest time and energy into improving your health is a moment well spent. I think we'd all be very hard-pressed to name something more important than our health. When you lose it, most would give up almost anything to get it back," he says. 

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