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Mother's Day Spotlight: How One Mom of Nine Thrives

Appearing in the Woodbridge Patch, by   

In just a few short days, mothers across the country will be appreciated for ‘everything they somehow get done’ and more.

As millions of mothers will be celebrated, one Woodbridge mother of nine, Christina DeGance, explains how these women make the impossible happen. With six biological children under the age of nine, and an adopted nephew and two nieces between the ages of 15 and 20, DeGance has become an expert at prioritizing.

Scheduling Time for Herself
It’s easy to put personal time last on the to-do list, but DeGance learned that the key to being happy and healthy is to make time to re-energize. Running a tight ship where the kids have a set bedtime can help, creating a window of time for mothers to regroup. For some moms, carving out an hour a day to read in silence or waking up an hour early to walk around the neighborhood is all it takes to unwind.

Making Time for Husband and Friends
DeGance has found that time with her husband and friends is equally as important. Date nights and girls’ nights are not to be taken for granted. DeGance’s older children are able to occasionally babysit, allowing her time with her loved ones. Making the effort to maintain healthy relationships is imperative to living a balanced lifestyle.

Prioritizing Fitness for the Entire Family
Physical health is closely linked to mental health, and for DeGance, her almost daily workouts at Woodbridge Sport&Health Club, one of the 22 Sport&Health Club locations in the tri-state area, are a priority. The older children are encouraged to exercise as well, while the younger children are placed in Sport&Health Club’s child care facility, Kidz Klub, where they have developed healthy routines and close friendships.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, the nation comes together to thank mothers everywhere for all that they achieve, and for their love and support along the way.

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