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Called to Care Fitness Challenge: November 9th

Get Fit while Helping Our Nation's Heroes!
2013 Call to Care Fitness Challenge: Sunday, November 9th

Sport&Health and Volunteers of America are answering the Call to Care for Veterans in our area with the 2013 Called to Care Fitness Challenge. With a fundraising goal of $60,000, Sport&Health personal trainers are drafting teams of members, families, friends, and corporations to not only get fit, but support programs designed to help bridge the gap from homelessness to permanent housing for our nation's heroes. 

On Saturday, November 9th, participants at all 23 Sport&Health locations will compete in the Explosive Performance Fitness Challenge to find the fittest club, team, and individual. All challenge proceeds support Volunteers of America's Veteran Services Programs.  

Show your strength by joining Sport&Health and Volunteers of America to support veterans in our area! 

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