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Quick Fit Tips

Quick Fit Tips from our Personal Training Team

We asked our personal trainers and group fitness instructors for their top fitness and nutrition tips. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for workouts, tips and more! 

Train Smart

Keep the stress hormone cortisol at bay by keeping your strength workouts under an hour. Once you exercise beyond an hour, your body's production of cortisol increases, which can have a muscle-wasting, testosterone-blocking effect. 

Resolutions that Stick

We all have the best of intentions when making New Year's fitness resolutions, but making them realistic and attainable can be another story. Ask your self a few simple questions to make a resolution that sticks!

No Excuses!

No excuses! Get your workout in first thing in the morning. Checking it off early makes you feel great, and eliminates all excuses to not get it in later in the day!


Want results? Try Intervals!

Take your workouts to the next level with interval training! Try alternating 30 seconds of intense work with 30 seconds of rest or active recovery. Experiment with the exercises and length of work/recovery time.

Finding Time for Fitness

Short intervals spread throughout the day can give you the same benefit as a longer workout. Break it up into 2-3 short intervals... 10-15 minutes of cardio, strength training or flexibility work wherever it fits into your busy schedule.

Holiday Nutrition

Don't let holiday goodies derail your efforts in the gym! Have a strategy when going to special events. It's ok to eat a (healthy) meal before heading out to a party laden with desserts and sweets. 


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