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Ready [Your Mind]. Set [Your Goals]. Go [Achieve].

A new year and a new start. Each year you may establish a resolution but do you achieve it? More often than not a resolution set at the beginning of the year is forgotten a few weeks later. Whether it’s due to burn out, frustration or feeling overwhelmed, your best intentions can go by the wayside. What does it take to achieve what we set out to do January 1st?

It’s our goal to help you find fitness success in 2016! Sport&Health has taken a simple approach to New Year’s resolutions. You've already taken the first step by being a member, now let’s work together to achieve greatness!


Ready [Your Mind].

How badly do you want what it is you’re trying to achieve? Setting out to achieve something you want – really and truly want – will keep you in a mindset to achieve. Passion creates motivation and motivation will fuel you through to the end of this year’s resolution journey.

Think about where your mind goes when you work out. Are you looking to drop the additional weight? Looking for a total Mind/Body connection and finding balance? Ready to run that race you've always longed to run? Don’t worry about what others are trying to achieve – it’s all about you! Determine what end result will make you the happiest and let’s get started.


Set [Your Goals].

Once you've figured out the resolution that will bring you the greatest feeling of accomplishment, it’s time to break that resolution into smaller goals. Small achievements are the building blocks to grand success. By breaking your resolution up into a series of small goals you’ll maintain your focus, continually have something new to work towards and maintain motivation to keep going

This series of small goals should be SMART– specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Your process on how to achieve the overall resolution will formulate when you set these small goals.

Let’s use losing weight as an example. Say you want to lose 30 pounds in 2016. To lose all 30 pounds within one month would be daunting and likely unhealthy. Realistically, if you set out to lose those 30 pounds over 4 months, it could be broken down into a series of small goals – lose 2 pounds a week for 15 weeks. Sounds easier, right?

Now that the resolution has a timeline, let’s walk through a few weeks to see how a process can be established.

Before you start make sure to weigh yourself so you’ll be able to measure your progress!

Week 1: Establishing a routine – commit to 30-minutes of exercise 4 times a week. Keep going with this until it’s too easy – then increase the amount of time you spend in a single session. Check out our workout routines on Pinterest for some guidance. View workouts >>

Week 2: Drink more water – Grab a stylish reusable water bottle and start drinking. Aim for the recommended 64oz of water a day. That’s a little over 3 refills of 20oz bottle

At the end of week 2, measure your progress. Are you 4 pounds less than when you started? Maybe you’ve lost more, maybe you’ve lost less. Everyone’s journey is different – just know you’re on the right path!

Week 3: Increase the amount of time you spend working out. Try 45-minutes of exercise 4 times a week to see if that increases the challenge. A lot of our group fitness classes are held for 45-minutes – see what’s on the schedule and try something new.View all classes >>

Week 4: Reduce added sugar in your diet. Whether you realize it or not, added sugar is everywhere! By cutting added sugar you’re reducing added calories. For tips on how to cut sugar, read Health.com’s article 10 Easy Ways to Slash Sugar from Your Diet. Read the full article >>

Week 5: Motivation may start to dwindle at this point. Consider signing up for a 6-week program – you’ll meet new friends as you continue to commit yourself to resolution! See all programs >>

At the end of week 5, measure your progress and check-in on how you feel. Are you noticing progress? Do you still feel motivated to accomplish the same resolution you started with? Self-reflection will help keep you mind and body in parallel. If you’re feeling mentally blocked to keep working out but your body is showing results, then you’ll be able to tip the scales back in favor of achieving what you want!

Continue breaking down each week with a new task to accomplish. Include times where you’ll measure your progress and asses what you want to continue to do and what you may want to eliminate from your plan. Just because you set a plan at the beginning doesn't mean you can’t alter it later on down the road. Take all necessary actions to set yourself up for success!

Establish a plan that works for your resolution
At this point you may have the perfect resolution in mind but are a little lost on how you’ll break it down into smaller goals. Luckily, we have highly-skilled and passionate personal trainers on hand who will be happy to consult with you. Get in touch with a trainer >>


Go [Achieve].

You’re in a great spot to achieve your resolution! We want to leave you with a few tips to get you through your resolution journey:

1) Take your time! Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Great things take time and you’re allowed to take all the time you need.

2) Find friends who will support you. Whether it’s a workout partner, a coworker, family member at home or all of the above, seek support and guidance when you need it.

3) Keep tabs on how you feel. Are you still motivated? Do you still have the tools you need to succeed? How do you perceive your success?

4) Anticipate mistakes and know that it’s okay if you go off track. Every day is a fresh start.

5) Finally, you’re doing this for yourself! You deserve to achieve whatever it is that you set out to do.

We’re here for you – we have classes, programs and trainers, along with friendly staff to help you stay focused. All you have to do is ask! We’ll be here every small step of the way on your path to great success!

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