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3 Workouts to Get Beach-Ready

New Workouts to Get Beach-Ready

With all the hard work you’ve put into getting beach-ready this spring, why would you stop now? Stay motivated and take your workouts to the next level with three new workout routines!

We asked three of our expert trainers to give us their favorite routines that will work your abs, arms and legs in 30 minutes or less. Pair these workouts with your favorite cardio sessions and you’ll be well on your way to a beach-ready body!

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Shape Up to Slim Down

Ariel Camporeale, Explosive Performance Coach

Ariel encourages her clients to attain a greater self-awareness, especially during their workouts. "With this awareness, you'll begin to understand how your body works as a unit and how outside influences can be manipulated to match your mind’s true ability. I try to help the members I work with cycle out the negative within their world – stress, excess weight, depression, sickness, etc. – by giving them tools to care for their body and mind."

As an Explosive Performance Coach, Ariel utilizes training techniques to improve agility, speed, performance and power. Push your limits when you try the Shape Up to Slim Down workout.

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Want to get better results from your fitness routine? Unlock your potential with Explosive Performance. Learn more >>


Lee Sommers, Fitness Director

Lee’s passion is to help people change their lives through better health, nutrition and fitness. He incorporates TRX Suspension Training within his clients’ fitness regimen to give them a well-rounded and challenging workout. TRX is a tool that utilizes your own body weight to improve strength, balance, agility and power. Bonus - every exercise done with TRX straps engages your core (hello 6-pack abs!) This suspension training tool provides a great full body workout for any fitness level!

The Hard Core TRX Circuit will introduce you to suspension training with three exercises designed to work your entire body.

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For more info about incorporating TRX into your fitness routine, contact a trainer or check out our Workout Routines and Exercise How-To Videos boards on Pinterest.

Sweat it out this Summer

Will Vogel, Fitness Director

Will strives to transform our members' workouts and mentality toward training, nutrition and overall wellness. "In doing so, they gain a valuable tool that will help them for the rest of their life! As a trainer, I want to push them beyond their comfort zone, into place where they’ll accomplish their goals."

Get a sample of how Will trains with this Push, Pull, Plyo workout - and challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone!

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