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    Our Advertising Partners Get Results! 

    • Case Study #1 Zoom! Whitesmile
    • Case Study #2 Perfect Posture Chiropractic
    • Case Study #3 Diet-To-Go
    • Case Study #4 Wendy's

    Case Study #1: Zoom! Whitesmile
    PROGRAM DETAIL: Sport&Health welcomes 7 million members to its 23 clubs each year. While active members utilize the clubs 12 times per month, our company average is 5-6 per month… this is twice the industry average! ZOOM decided it wanted to integrate advertising with marketing by becoming a Corporate Partner. ZOOM relied on monthly open houses, email blasts, in-club sampling of tooth brushes in our locker rooms, and brochures over a year period to both drive their brand awareness and market members in-person.

    RESULTS: As a result of this strong Partner program, Sport&Health members indexed at an amazing 30% of total clients for ZOOM appointments from October 2007 to April 2008. Effective advertising and marketing is about driving consumer awareness to sales. Through partnering with Sport & Health, ZOOM has generated more than $30,000 in services provided.

    Case Study #2 Perfect Posture Chiropractic

    ppc.jpgPROGRAM DETAIL: Perfect Posture adopted a moderate media strategy by becoming a Corporate Partner member of Sport&Health clubs. This was integral to Perfect Posture as they needed to keep an eye on their budget as they were a new practice and this was ‘outside of the box’. Combining brand advertising with direct member marketing, they were able to focus their efforts on a one-club program at one of our highest household income clubs that happened to be a short drive to their office. The 2 person practice rolled-out a program that included backlit panel signage, quarterly e-newsletter blasts, monthly open house participation, and brochure placement.

    RESULTS: Using traditional and non-traditional media along with numerous one-on-one marketing opportunities has paid off. Even though the local area has plenty of quality competition, Perfect Posture Chiropractic was able to grow its foot print in a very valuable market and become the #1 most recognized, and most used chiropractic provider to the club’s members out of over 10 in the 3 mile radius.

    Case Study #3 Diet-To-Godiettogo.jpg

    PROGRAM DETAIL: Over 25% of all active Sport&Health members actively use our personal trainers each year. That means that over 10,000 members are actively looking and consuming way to help them achieve their physical and nutritional goals. What is even more, our members who have personal trainers KEEP them to not only achieve their initial goals, but rely on them attaining long-term health goals. Diet-to-Go quickly realized this and knew it needed to both advertise and market to our goal-driven members to meet their aggressive growth goals. They chose to start their program by becoming a Corporate Partner and marketing through weekly in-club demonstrations, event sponsorships, and quarterly email blasts that highlight their seasonal promotions. They expanded after 3 months to include television and panel advertising at select clubs to increase their penetration.

    RESULTS: Understanding the investment and return needed for this type of aggressive advertising and marketing strategy, Sport&Health was able to drive Diet-to-Go sales to over $1 million and increase customer retention from 10 weeks to 13 weeks in 2007. After exceeding their ROI goals, Diet-to-Go has set the bar higher by shooting for $2 million in sales in 2008… and they are already ahead of goal. That’s an 800% return on their yearly investment with Sport&Health.


    CASE STUDY #4: Wendy’swendys.jpg

    PROGRAM DETAIL: Wendy’s adopted a pretty straight forward advertising strategy; locate captive audiences, place a visually stimulating picture in front of the consumer, and give them something they can take away and use during each visual impression. Translation; Wendy’s leveraged Sport&Health’s 100,000 member captive audience and deep inventory of super panels in each club to place a poster highlighting their new menu items and created a take-one coupon for each of these panels to create incentive to Sport&Health members to stop by a Wendy’s after their workouts.

    RESULTS: Using easy and simple tracking survey cards, Wendy’s reported an 88% ad recall at Sport&Health Club locations through the use of in-club panel signage and take-one coupons at each panel. Those members indicating they had bought/eaten food at Wendy’s in the past 3 months was measured at more than 50% higher at end of the campaign then before the campaign ran. Wendy’s also tracked that members indicating they planned to buy/eat at Wendy’s in the next 3 months more than doubled from pre- to end-campaign research.

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