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    Discover Swimming & Aquatics at Sport&Health Clubs

    Dive into an exciting new lifestyle of refreshing fun and fitness. Swimming & Aquatics at Sport&Health offers swimming lessons, aqua aerobics, swim teams, family swim and much more. It's never too soon or too late to hit the water. Choose from 14 Sport&Health locations across Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. with indoor swimming pools, certified lifeguards and instructors.

    • Not a strong swimmer? We can help with lessons for kids, teens and adults.
    • Nursing an injury? Recover faster in the pool's low-impact style of steady, fluid resistance.
    • Establishing a steady swim routine? Join the Tsunami's Masters Swim team.

    Whatever the need. Whatever the speed. We've got Swimming & Aquatics activities for all ages and experience levels. 

    Learn More Below...


    Locations & Pool Schedules

    Enjoy indoor swimming pools at 14 Sport&Health Clubs across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Join a class, try lessons or just join us for a swim. See our pool schedules inside.


    Aqua Fitness Classes

    Looking for high-energy, low impact exercise? Join our Aqua Fitness classes and harness the natural resistance of water. It's a fun, refreshing addition to your workout routine.


    Swimming Lessons & Programs

    Whether learning to swim or improving your technique, Sport&Health Club offers a wide variety of classes, lessons and programs for swimmers of all ages and abilities.


    Tsunami Masters Swim

    The perfect training program for anyone 18+ who loves to swim regardless of experience or fitness level. You don't need to be great—our certified U.S. Masters Swimming Coaches will help you get there!


    Why Swim

    Not a swimmer? No worries. Swimming and aquatics offer the ideal low-impact environment to safely strengthen core muscles, improve your cardiovascular health and burn extra calories.


    Training & Certification

    Become a lifeguard, swim instructor or get CPR certified with courses at Sport&Health. You'll gain valuable experience while promoting water safety at the club and beyond.