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Indoor & Outdoor Swimming


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Everybody in the pool! Whether you want swimming lessons for kids or the latest water fitness class, you belong at Sport & Health Clubs. With locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Sport&Health offers a wide variety of swimming activities for all ages and ability levels. Choose a club or download a pool schedule today!

Choose a club or download a schedule
Choose a club or download a schedule and start shooting hoops today. - See more at: /activities/sports/basketball#sthash.csG0inhl.dpuf

NEW! U.S. Masters Swimming Program

Tsunami Masters Swim is the perfect training program for anyone 18+ who loves the swimming lifestyle, regardless of swim experience or fitness level. 

Included in the program:  

  • Up to (6) 90-minute coached swim workouts/week 
  • Opportunity to compete in local and national competitions
  • Monthly social events, clinics and dry land training options
  • usms

    Short&tall. Young&old. Players&spectators. Leaders&followers. Carnivores&vegans. White collar&blue collar. Nobody makes every body feel as welcome as Sport&Health.

    Join Sport&Health

    With 23 locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., we have a club near you. And we have more group fitness classes, sports, personal training, day spas, yoga, cycling, weights and Zumba than any health and fitness family in the area. Make today the day.

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